Monday, November 20, 2017

Monday Again Already?

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pigpen51 said...

That brings back memories. I was just married to my first wife, she had a pommeranian, and her mom and dad had a big old mutt, and they would go off into the woods chasing around and come back loaded with the damn quills. Being cheapskates, they would grab the dogs and cut the quills and then yank them out, the dogs screaming the entire time. Blood everywhere. The dogs would never learn, but do the same thing again. Eventually, the pomeranian, who hated me, had quills start to work their way out and he was suffering so I had to take him out and put him down. This was back when I was dirt poor. I could never do it now, I love my dogs too much to shoot them. It kills me when I have to have the vet put one to sleep with drugs.