Thursday, December 1, 2016


Sorry Brigid.  The book sounded interesting and I planned to buy a copy but it just slipped my mind. 

They say that Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings won the Pulitzer for The Yearling because, after she was "discovered" for writing The Yearling, they realized she should have won it for South Moon Under a few years before.

I bumped you up to five just now.

Haven't gotten my niece to read The Book Of Barkley.  She doesn't want to read it because he dies.  I told her that the dog dies in all dog books.  That's why people write them.   I'll let her read Small Town Roads when I'm done with it.   I suspect she will like it.   She more or less raised herself and I think that a  dose of your perspective might help balance all the negative influences that she's had over the years too.

Hope you have a Merry Christmas despite the slow start on the new book!


Fubar57 said...

"Where the red fern grows" is another great dog story.

B said...

Tell yer neice that Barkley lived a very good, happy life and died quickly with very little pain.

I new him, he was a wonderful dog. He lived at my home many weekends and was friends with my dog Schmoo.

Dogs live shorter lives, but they live them well....and more fully than we do.

Lantry said...

I will do that. Thanks.