Sunday, October 11, 2015

So My Niece Joined The SS

Oops.   Wrong picture.

Wrong SS too.

Since she started college, my niece has gotten into a clothing brand called Simply Southern.   I swear their logo would have made a good insignia for a Waffen SS division. 

Seriously, wouldn't that look right at home stenciled on the fender of a Stug III wandering around somewhere in the Ukraine?

Logo aside, each shirt has a Southern theme.   Not "red neck."   Southern.   With Southern culture under constant assault its good to see that she hasn't bought into being ashamed of who she is.

Why a college kid needs to pay $19 and up for a friggn T-shirt escapes me but as long as she thinks she needs to, its good that she's into these instead of Che or whatever other mass murderer the left wants to celebrate now.

I hope the company does well.

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