Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blogroll Addition

Saw this blog, Earl's View,  on Brigid's   blogroll.  

Definitely adding it to my blogroll.     


Brigid said...

He's the best guy. I'm reading his adventures in the Navy in the 50's, he sends stories to me, typed out and sent via snail mail. I met him through Old NFO who knows him. Great guy, one I hope to meet while he is still with us.

Lantry said...

Well I'm glad Old NFO steered you to him. My Father in Law was in the NAvy in the 1950s. He's gradually fading due to Alzheimer's but he uses to have some funny stories to tell. One time he bought a suitcase in Morocco or some place like that in N. Africa for his mother. It was made of camel hide. She later wrote wrote him to tell him that she had put in in the closet for a few of weeks and when she took it out to use it, it had grown camel hair an inch long. Strange and interesting stuff and it will all be forgotten too soon. Perhaps Earl will send you enough for a book. That would probably be something to read!

Lantry said...

Looking at my spelling in that comment I definitely need more coffee!