Sunday, June 30, 2013

I Miss Out On All The Fun

What Bubba Knows   has a series of posts entitled Don't Feed The Moonbats.  In those posts he tells which moonbat is in which movie so you know not to put any money in their pockets by going to watch it.

The trouble is, I have been boycotting almost all movies for close to twenty years.  Partly its because I don't want to put money in the pockets of people who hate our Country or who support those that would take our rights away buy also because not very many movies interest me anymore.  All I have watched in the last twenty years was Enemy at the Gates and the new True Grit.  Nobody's gonna notice if I officially boycott Hollywood.

I remember the first time I ever heard a Rap song.  It was some POS remake of Aerosmith's "Walk This Way."  It was so bad that I thought it was a couple of radio hosts making some kind of weird joke until I heard it a second time.   There's no such thing as Rap Music.  Its not music.  Its a beat with somebody blabbering a bunch of stuff designed to shock their grandmother but its not singing and its not music.   I'm supposed to boycott some Rapper because of his racist remarks but I'd have to start listening to Rap in order to stop.  That ain't happening.

Now I have to boycott Food Network because of their firing of Paula Deen.  I think they are a bunch of small-minded, self-righteous, simpering jerks for doing that but I can't boycott them because I already don't watch them.   I don't even watch them to see that Italian lady that wears the low cut blouses all the time. 

Dammit!  When do I get to play?

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