Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Video Worth Watching

I don't usually post videos or links to videos and I hardly ever watch them on other blogs but, for some reason, I did watch this one.

A lot of the conflicting information that came out the day of the Sandy Hook shooting could be attributed to confusion, the fog of war and such as that but watch this video.   There's no confusion about the girl that didn't go to Sandy Hook but was supposedly killed there even though she was there with the President after the shooting.  Watch her father smiling and having a good time and then putting on an act for the cameras and saying that his daughter was killed.  They even had a family photo to show the cameras.   Then there's the other girl that never went to Sandy Hook  whose picture was used as one of the murdered children.  There's lots more.  And there's no attributing it to confusion.

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