Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Dear Corruptocrat Commie Rat-Bastards

You're Fired.

And take your rino Quislings with you when you leave.

And don't steal the silverware this time.  Or the furniture either. 

I know you are disappointed.  I will pray for you.   I will pray that you have Jailhouse Conversions sometime in the next few years.

I went to bed early last night.  It would be a long time before the election was decided.   Either God would give us one more chance to save our society or He would turn us over for destruction at the hands of the corrupt establishment.   

I had an unusual sense of peace about it because there was so much at stake with the future appointment of four or five Supreme Court Justices and who knows how many lower Court Judges.  That probably sounds contradictory but if God was going to give us some breathing room, things had to be different this time.   With an outsider at the helm, maybe we'll get Judges that don't despise the Constitution.  Maybe we'll get Judges that don't lie about what it says to justify their own agendas.   It seemed like there was a reason God might smile on us once more simply because there was as much prospect of salvation as there was doom this time around.  There would not have been such a prospect with an establishment rino at the top of the ticket.

Maybe now, if our betters can contain themselves for a couple more months, we don't have to start World War Three so Saudi Arabia can build a gas pipeline across Syria.  Maybe now we can fight ISIS with both hands instead of fighting with one hand while supplying them with vehicles and arms with the other.


I have no illusions about Trump being a savior or some kind of moral example.   He's a brash, crude, New York yankee.  I typically find little to admire in such men.  He does not, however, hate this Country.  I find that refreshing.   I don't believe that he would sell his office for personal gain.  Gotta admit that I like that too.   So many people seemed to think that he had to be morally perfect to get their vote.   I suppose they would have stayed in Egypt rather than follow Moses because  Moses had murdered another man.   King David was both a murderer and an adulterer.  Peter disavowed Jesus.  But they'd rather cast their vote, or half a vote, for Judas. 

God has done great things through flawed people. 

Will this election be the Country's salvation?   It might be a start in the right direction.  The damage wasn't done overnight.  It wasn't even done over just the last eight years.   It will take time to repair.  All I know is that illary wanted to complete the destruction of the Country for her own personal gain.

So what's ahead?   I suspect that there will be lots more illegal immigration in the next couple of months.  Lots and lots of pardons.    Economic indicators that are touted today as being proof of a robust economy will suddenly mean the opposite by February  2017.   Everything in the media will be doom and gloom all day and all night.  There might even be some kind of "National Emergency" to keep Trump from assuming Office.  

We have a chance to return to a society ruled by laws.  We have a chance to heal the racial divide that has been cultivated by the left.  We have a chance to do so many things now.   Things that we would not have had the chance to do had last night turned out differently.

It is, however, just a chance.  We can't just say "well, my guy won" and forget that he's working for us now.  We have to stay involved.  

It is a chance.  It will require work.   It is a chance that we wouldn't have had the other way around.

I had planned to do a post with dozens of pictures of pretty Trump Girls to celebrate but honestly, when I turned the radio on in the car this morning and heard people talking about Trump's victory speech, I was so overwhelmed with gratitude that I had to pull off the road and wipe the tears from my eyes.  To me, it was a historic moment.   I don't think that admiring a pretty girl is a bad thing as long as it isn't done in a spirit of lust but I suspect that a lot of people do and I just didn't want to seem irreverent or something.

Maybe later today.

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